About Me

About Me

Dr. Brenda Morton

I'm Dr. Brenda Morton, an Associate Professor, Fulbright Scholar, and researcher.

Prior to joining the university, I was a middle and high school teacher. I absolutely LOVE teaching and working with all students, but in particular, students who have been labeled as “at-risk”. You know the students I am talking about; those who almost dare you to make education interesting, or worth their time!

During my last year of teaching at the high school, I had two students who were in foster care. Getting to know the students and the situation that ended up with removal from their home opened my eyes to an invisible population of students.

A year later, we became certified foster parents, and our family grew from four to eight when we welcomed four siblings to our family.

Our experiences with the foster care system, and the academic challenges we encountered, led me to conduct research on foster children and youth and their academic outcomes.

I love my job and the work I am blessed to do in schools.

This work is not easy.

As I began to peel back layers and connect with experts in the field of mental health and child welfare, I became convinced that I needed to explore the impact of trauma on both academic and social outcomes.

From this, I began to work with school districts to transform schools from a traditional model of education to a trauma-informed mindset. This work is not easy. It encourages teachers to evaluate their personal, long-held beliefs about students, behaviors, and academic outcomes, and then challenges them to make significant changes. 

But, it is worth it! The transformations I have seen in classrooms and the impact teachers are having on children and youth, who previously had been hard to reach, has been fantastic!

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Trauma-Informed School.

Please send me an email at traumainformeded@gmail.com or click on Contact Me and complete the short form. I will respond quickly.

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